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Silk charmeuse from Paris

This scrumptious silk charmeuse was a find on a Paris vacation. Jeanne and Jane are discussing how she will design a garment with this fabric.

katherine's family quilt

Katherine has her family portrait quilt all pinned and ready for the final quilting. She began assembling this project just a few months ago with Jane on her Sewing Retreat. A wonderful memory of her mother as a baby and three more generations of grandmothers.

Maria has finished her jacket.  The buttons and button hole loops were the last step.  Jane showed Maria how to sew on the buttons so that the threads were neatly done on the lining side. 


Claire started this holiday vest while she attended Jane's Asilomar Sewing Retreat in Pacific Grove. She found just the perfect button at Findings in Carmel.  Notice the perfect fit of this garment.  The vest is ready for Claire to wear for the Holidays.

Betty's tee shirt

Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland had this tee shirt fabric that was the perfect color to match Betty's eyes.

Roberta's pillow

Roberta is so cute with her pillow.  The pattern is from birdbraindesigns.net.  It is made with wool felt and hand embroidery, and it sure makes you smile

Sharon's silk

Sharon bought this scrumptious silk fabric from EmmaOneSock and prepares to create!

Sharon's fluffy jacket

And here it is....a new fluffy silk jacket.  Stunning.


Diana made these great tops using slinky knit fabric from EmmaOneSock.  Then she decorated the front edges with ginkgo leaves.  The leaf design is just the pressed image in the fabric.  It is not painted on.  To achieve this effect, she put the leaf stamp on the ironing board face up, laid the fabric over it, sprayed the fabric with water till quite wet,  covered with a press cloth, and then ironed on top of the stamp until the fabric was dry.   What a nice touch!!

Pat is delighted with her new sewing creation.  The color choice compliments her coloring!! 

Sewing in the coat lining

She found this silk charmeuse lining at Piedmont Fabrics, and it is perfect for her coat.


Diana P

Patti S

Lisa C

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