Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design

Jackets Created with Marcy Tilton's Vogue Pattern 8676

Jane Challenged Students to Make a Jacket

Vogue Pattern 8676 by Marcy Tilton

Jane's Fleece Jacket

Jane Foster made this fleece jacket using Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8676 pattern.  She had only limited scraps of fleece, but it encourage her to be more creative.

Several students were inspired to make a jacket using this pattern, but everyone individualized their jackets. 

Jane & Sheldon

She is off on an international trip, and her new jacket is sure to be cosy on the long flight.


Barbara sews a jacket in the sewing workshop

Barbara started her jacket using Marcy Tilton's pattern in one of Jane's sewing classes. She made one or two design changes, and now has it finished.


Susie sews a wool boucke jacket

Susie made her Marcy Tilton jacket from wool boucle purchased at Findings in Carmel. She had the pink mohair in her stash, and was happy to show the jacket to other students in her sewing class.

Ellen sews a jacket in Jane's sewing class

Ellen made the jacket using boiled wool from Stone Mountain and Daughter, and used square rather than round button hole decorations. 

Ellen's sewing workshop jacket

The square design is repeated in the back. This is another really cute jacket Ellen made in Jane's sewing class.

Vicki trimmed her jacket with fleece flowers. Each flower is a separate unit made with small pieces shaped as a petal. The red roses are made with individual petals shaped in semi circles.

The back piece carries the design from the front pocket. She turned the center back seam allowance to the outside to add additional interest.

Kathleen's jacket made in the sewing workshop

The colors of Kathleen's jacket are perfect on her. The colors compliment her eyes, hair, and skin.

Christine made this cashmere jacket in a sewing workshop with Jane Foster.

Christine found some peachy cashmere fabric at Satin Moon in San Francisco.  This must feel wonderful to wear.

Sisters make jackets in Jane's sewing class

JoAnn and Diana frequently come to Jane Foster's Wednesday night sewing workshops, and completed these great fleece jackets using Marcy Tilton's Vogue pattern.

Fleece jackets made in sewing classes

They look fabulous coming or going!

Joy has finished her colorful Marcy Tilton fleece jacket. She will have fun wearing it.


Candy flew in from New Jersey and completed this gorgeous silk lined, couture jacket. The wool boucle came from Mood in New York City. A very proud moment for all of us!


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