Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design

Couture Sewing Class

Sewing Classes for Couture Jacket Construction

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Couture sewing class with jane Foster

Jane Foster's Couture Sewing Class in the San Francisco East Bay Area


Jane Foster holds sewing classes to teach students couture garment construction. These couture sewing workshops start with information on couture techniques, proceed to the designing, fitting, and jacket construction stages, and end with selecting and applying the trim. Each jacket is individually designed by the student with the guidance of Jane. Below are photos of some of the jackets made in Jane's couture sewing workshops.

Couture jackets made in sewing classes with Jane Foster


Jane Foster's Student Model Their Couture Jackets


Couture Jackets Made in Jane's couture sewing classes


Couture Jackets Sew with teacher Jane Foster


Jane Foster's Student Toast the Completion of their Couture Jackets


Couture Jackets Modeled by Cheryl and Barb



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Couture:   Couture Jackets,  Construction Phase