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Jane's Two Part Stash Challenge

Slideshow of Show & Tell with Stash Books

Slideshow of Show & Tell with Garments Made from Stash




Jane's challenge to her students for 2012 involves two parts. The first part was to make and record an inventory of their fabric collection (some call it a stash!). ( Slideshow of first part. ) The second part of the challenge was to create a masterpiece with a favorite fabric from their collection and wear it for Show and Tell and potluck on June 9th.


"As fabric collectors it will be so helpful to have the yardage and width plus a sample of the fabric all together and portable so we can show it off to our fellow needlewomen when we meet together in early February. This will be no challenge at all for some of you because you are already organized and have your inventory, but for the rest of us we had better get started right away! Some will measure, cut a sample and stick /staple it into a book....others will cut and label and put the sample on a large ring. Others will wait and see what other people do!

As you go through your stash on the cold winter days of January I am sure you will come across lengths of fabric you didn't know you had!! Plus some lengths that you certainly don't want any more. I invite you to bring them along when we meet in February and swap or gift them to someone else." ...Jane.


First part of Stash Challenge - Inventory:

So, we all met on February 4th in Jane's studio and shared the different ways we had recorded our stash. We brought fabric we didn't want any more and sold it or gave it to others. Everyone went away with something new for their fabric collections! Some people wore what they had made, and we were able to take pictures of some of their creations.

We made a slideshow of the day for the first part, so please take a look to see how much fun we had!


Second part of Stash Challenge - Create a Fabulous Garment from your Stash


On Saturday June 9th we met to show the garments we had made for the Stash challenge. It was a beautiful day and 18 students and Jane shared their garments and potluck luncheon .   

Vicki Edge shared how she and Jane had used her stash book as a great resource to choose fabric and trim for Katherine Tilton's tee shirt pattern Vogue 8793 which utilizes zippers in the neckline. They chose the basic fabrics plus 2 or 3 fabrics for collar and trims from the stash book. Once the grouping was chosen from the book and comfirmed with the fabric lengths, Vicki began to design on her dress form. Vicki was excited to have this stash book, as it is allowing her to get Jane's input on fabric choices for her garments without bringing in her whole stash!


Jane showed how she had draped her fabric on her dress form and made her own pattern for the reversible vest. Jane used French darts, which she says are flattering to most shapes. The darts were sewn down and nearly invisible because of her fabric choice.


Jane's students have made some outstanding garments. Please take a look at the slideshow of the day for the second part of the Stash Challenge






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