Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Classes

Designing Purses

Jane Teaches Sewing and Designing of Purses in her Bay Area Studio


Everyone loves purses, and Jane's sewing classes are the perfect place to create them. Sometimes the purses are created using scraps of fabric. Everyone has fun with this, because there is always someone that has just the perfect piece to finish off the purse design.


Sandra's fun purse

Sandra created this purse and a matching dress while on a Sewing Vacation in 2010 with Jane. She lives in New Jersey, and had so much fun she is flying out to join the fall 2011 Sewing Retreat and Vacation group.

Cherly's matching purse

Cheryl made this purse from several fabrics, including the paisley fabric left over from the London Cape she made in Jane's sewing class. They will look awesome together.

Maria's purse

Maria designed this purse while on a Sewing Vacation with Jane Foster in Monterey Bay. She used leather and silk, and one fellow student was really surprised and touched when Maria gifted the bag to her.

Pat's bag

This designer bag was made by Pat L.  Really really nice!


This charming purse was knitted and then felted, and was created by Roberta F.


Roberta also knitted and then felted this purse which will compliment many of her great clothing designs.

Carrie's bag

Carrie and Jane designed this bag as it was being constructed! Ties were first sewn to two pieces of muslin to create the fabric for front and back. The bag was lined with black silk.

Carrie's bag

The wide end of a tie was used as the base for the closure.  This all resulted in a fun "green" bag!

Trina's purse

Trina, new to sewing but not designing,  has been making and designing bags. This first one is for her 2 year old daughter to take to ballet lessons. It has a tulle tutu trim and is lined with a ballet shoes print.  Trina used  the embroidery function on her new  sewing machine to decorate the handles. Now all the Moms want one.  Great design Trina!

Betty's great giraffe purse

Betty made this great giraffe carry all while on a Sewing Retreat with Jane.

Jane's 4 pocket purseJane created this 4 pocket purse and showed it to us on our Sewing Vacation. Of course we all had to immediately make one too.


Here is Katherine's completed purse.

Maria's purse

Maria used part of her wool boucle shrug fabric for this purse and complimented it with a fabric scraps from a different garment.

Betty's new purse

Betty displays her second 4 pocket purse she created while on a Sewing Retreat with Jane. The fabric is a Lonni Rossi print from Back Porch Fabrics, and the braid pocket trim was gifted from Jane's stash. To complete the purse, Betty found the cording for the strap at Findings in Carmel while on a short shopping spree with Sharon and Vicki.

Group of purses

Thea, Vickie, and Betty made these purses using several small fabric scraps.

Susie just made this lined bag with classic black Faille.
She used Jane's pattern of the 3 pocket purse.

Maria's dog purse

Maria made a purse to carry her tiny dog that goes everywhere with her. It was made with leather gifted to her from a friend, and has "windows" of mesh for ventilation. Maria completed the purse on her Spring 2011 Sewing Retreat and Vacation with Jane.

Jane's purse

Jane treated us all to this purse pattern while on a Sewing Retreat and Vacation with her.

Betty's purse

Betty made a purse from the pattern she received from Jane.

Tote bags

Vicki made these wonderful tote bags as gifts.