Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Classes

Challenge to Sew a Vest

Design a Vest in a Sewing Workshop

Vest sewing challenge

Sewing students model their vests


Students came to Jane's sewing studio and received individual sewing lessons on designing and constructing vests. Each student chose a different pattern, fabric, and embellishment. After the vests were completed in these sewing classes, everyone got together one Saturday morning to show them off to their fellow students.

Joys vest

Joy created the fabric for this vest herself with a process called Nuno felting.   Fantastic!!  She also made her hat and beaded the mermaid doll decorating the hat. 


Jane and Joy's vests

Joy made the fabric for Jane's vest.  Wonderful!. 

Jane's vest

Jane made a vest from fabric gifted to her. She embroidered the front. The pattern is a modification of a Sandra Betzina vest.

Claire made this vest for a holiday party.  Everyone thought it looked great on her. 


Sharon's vest

This vest was made using Sandra Betzina's pattern.  The darts were extended to form a princess line.  The fabric was an old table cloth that was dyed and then stenciled. The wooden buttons came from Britex.  

Jane's vest

Jane's collaged ocean and fish vest won a ribbon in the Marin County Fair.

Barbara's vest

This vest is almost finished.

Barbara is a master at designing vests made with a mixture of Japanese fabrics and other fabrics she pulls from her stash. 

Anne's likes sewing vests

Anne used an old Japanese obi.  The colors are really unusual and unique, and the total effect looks great on her.


She sews the back beautifully

The placement of the appliqué pieces really adds to the design. 

Ann learned the technique of reverse applique for her vest.   This is where the fashion fabric can be cut in any shape and then faced.  Then a different fabric is put underneath the cut out area (on the wrong side of the fashion fabric) and then stitched in place. 

If you would like to use this technique on a project, see Jane for further explanation and help with design.



Audrey selected a Sandra Betzina pattern for her vest.

Betty's vest

Betty made this vest using a faux chenille technique on one side.

Pat's vest

Pat saw a photo in a magazine of a vest she loved, and Jane helped her create the vest.  This is her first sewing project, and it is beautiful.  Great accomplishment.


Sally bought her fabric this summer in a French market. It is reversible with black on the other side.


Roberta used corded piping, Chinese ball buttons and embroidery on her vests.  Nicely done.


Vicki LOVES the color red and her new lined vest.  It will be worn with cropped red pants she is making.  The print fabric was a gift from a friend.

Kathleen found the zebra fabric on a trip to Africa.  She has a few finishing touches left to do. 

Here is a close up look at the detailed beading on Joy's hat...Everyone wanted to try the hat on and we were surprised at how good it looked on most people!