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Reverse Applique Challenge in the Style of Alabama Chanin


Reverse Applique Challenge



Jane’s challenge this time was to have students incorporate into their project some Reverse Appliqué, Alabama Chanin style.

Alabama Chanin's style uses two layers of knit fabric which may be different colors, and places a design onto the upper layer. Stencils may be used to make the design. Next the layers are joined with stitching. Then the upper layer only is cut away around the design, creating texture, and the color of the lower layer showing through. This challenge called for plenty of hand work, and all the work was of a very high standard.


Laura used 2 layers of 100% cotton from Alabama Chanin.
She stenciled the design on using a screen and design from Alabama Chanin. Using a foam brush, she stenciled each design by hand. When the design was dry it was thick, but after stitching and cutting away most of the painted fabric except the outline, it became truly a work of art.

Joy used a combination of cotton from Alabama Chanin and fabric from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. She used Jane's Big Shirt top pattern and modified the collar. She took an Alabama Chanin design from her book and  enlarged it. Then she cut her own stencil!! She airbrushed the black paint on the fabric, and then used yellow thread to outline the design.
This her favorite top and she wears it a lot.


Jeanne chose her perfect colors and used Joy's Alabama Chanin stencil to airbrush the design onto each panel of the skirt. The pattern was just one panel repeated. Then she
stitched and cut and turned an elastic waist band.  
As she sewed she changed thread to a thicker thread so it would show up better.

Vandana made this cute skirt in 4 panels. Two panels were made using reverse applique and two were made with applique. She used one of Jane's silk screens and added embroidery and beads. She made a top to go with the skirt.

Katherine and Joy enjoyed the event.

Linda loves coming to Jane's challenge shows.

Katherine used 2 layers of cotton from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. She airbrushed a metallic silver paint onto the top layer using an Alabama Chanin stencil she borrowed from Diana. The dress pattern came from Alabama Chanin's book for a paneled dress.

Sally is making a cardigan jacket, and she used one of her 
silk screens for the design. Sally has an Etsy business called
MissMouseSilkScreens were you can purchase screens.

Linda used a Marfy pattern and got her fabric from Alabama Chanin and also Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics.
She used a silk screen of Jane's design and
screened her designed onto the fabric. Linda loves to hand sew and this skirt will only have  hand stitches everywhere.

Vicki finished her beautiful Alabama Chanin style skirt. She used an orange knit layer and a beige knit layer. The skirt was screened and then embroidered. Vicki loves this skirt

Joy loves this stitching so much she made 2 more garments. 
She purchased an Alabama Chanin stencil and used it to make this skirt. The underneath fabric layer is striped. With her left over fabric she made this top using a Marfy pattern, and added a little more reverse applique on the collar.

Maria made a Alabama Chanin style skirt. She designed the motif for the silk screening, and screened using different colored paints to get this Fall effect. Sally Baker made the silk screens (visit her on Etsy here).

Kathleen loves wearing her reverse applique skirt.

Jane used one layer of Alabama Chanin cotton and one layer
of rayon knit. She used an Alabama Chanin stencil purchased by Diana, and airbrushed the design onto the fabric. The stitching is running and back stitches with a few beads added.