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Sharing Ideas in Jane's Sewing Workshop Classes

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Jane is fitting Susie's muslin for a French couture jacket. Susie sews every day, so I am sure we will see the completed jacket soon.

Susie is working on a decorated sweatshirt with a sewing theme.

Ellen just finished this glorious quilt. She used Jane's embroidery machine to embellish the circles with radiating lines. The fabrics and quilt were designed by Kaffe Fasset.

Claudine teaches dance, and she painted the ballet shoes during one sew lab session.

Angela is new to Jane's sewing studio, and her first project was this pretty top and Tencel skirt.

JoAnn made this care bear for her sister Diana. Sisters are always there for each other.

Lark sews a rayon tunic

Lark's lovely rayon fabric came from Stone Mountain and Daughter's. She creatively cut the fabric in different directions to give an interesting design.

Liz purchased the silk for this jacket at the Marcy Tilton's booth at Puyallup last year. Her arty buttons came from Sawyer Brook's online store.

Laura is working on a cute winter quilt. She is determined to finish some of her projects.


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