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Monterey CA Sewing Vacation and Retreat

Monterey California Sewing Retreat and Vacation - Fall 2011

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Vicki is making another Christine Jonson V Neck tee shirt #714. It is so nice to make fit adjustments on a pattern, and then be able to use it again with only minimal fitting changes due to fabric type.

Its always about pressing. Vicki is working on a dress, and Sandra is happy to observe.

This dress looks stunning on Vicki. She used Sandra Betzina’s pattern 1234, and this is the second time she has made it. Way to go Vicki !!!


Of course we all need a jeans jacket. So it is wonderful to have the ability to make one that fits. This is Vicki’s Marfy challenge garment, and so she too is working towards completing this by the challenge date.


Claire has been very creative with this  jacket, but was not happy with the sleeve setting and the large neckline. So she asked Jane for ideas and help.

Claire is happy now...Jane reset the sleeves and made the neckline narrower!


Yeah! Claire has finished this Linda MacPhee jacket which she purchased as a kit many moons ago. It is decorated with bias strips and is fully lined. If you look carefully you can see the rhinestone zipper!

Vicki and Maria are excited with their new purchases.... Bernina 730E sewing machines. They had fun playing with Jane with the embroidery functions.

Maria is learning how to use the Bernina Stitch Regulator for thread painting with her new Bernina.

Maria is working hard to complete her Marfy jacket for Jane's Marfy challenge.

Sally brought out her dyes and silk screens and set up a work table outside. Several ladies joined in to silk screen tee shirts or linings for their jackets.


Claire is showing everyone the image she screened on lining fabric for a jacket.

A group of quilters from a nearby meeting room stopped by to examine the work in progress.


Sally silk screened images on this tee shirt, and then placed Japanese motifs on them.

Jane is making a tee shirt using these silk screened images.

Sharon has wanted to make a chenille jacket using silk dupioni for years. She didn't know how to go about doing this, and was very thankful Jane was there to show the way. She simply loves the result.


This jacket is in the beginning stages of construction. Jane took quite a bit of care in getting the muslin to fit, and now she has just set in the sleeves on the fashion fabric.



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