Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Vacation

Sewing Retreat and Vacation on Monterey Bay, California

Jane Foster's Fall 2010 California Sewing Retreat and Sewing Vacation

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Sewing retreat in California

Fabulous ladies on a Sewing Retreat and Vacation

Sewing retreat in CA - Ellen and Jane

Ellen started making this coat at the Wednesday morning sewing classes in Jane's studio. She took the coat on this sewing retreat so Jane could help her with the final stages of construction.

Ellen purchased the fabric from Vogue Fabrics Mail Catalog available in Jane's studio.  The pattern for the coat is Vogue 1116.  The "buttons" are actually metal snaps from Stone Mountain and Daughter.   Eyelet openings allow the snaps to function as  buttons.  They also trim the back opening.

Ellen on sewing vacation

Ellen's coat is completed.  She looks SO gorgeous!  Her scarf was a coordinating fabric, and really finished off this look. 

Ellen on sewing vacation - coat back

The snaps in the back were such a great idea, and give this coat a unique flair. 

Vest made on sewing retreat in California

The front of this jacket is the result of a lot of design thought.  Parts of the front have rows of pin tucking that are sewn to perfection!  Notice the 3 prairie points in aqua and the aqua piping.  A small amount of color doing a big job.  This will be another magnificent garment for Barbara..   

Barb made this vest on her sewing retreat

The vest is completed, and has several inside pockets she finds useful for traveling. Outstanding design!

Sewing a tailored jacket

Jane gave Barbara a class on tailoring, and Barbara is now working on the sleeves.

Sewing another tailored jacket

The top stitching on this jean jacket is absolutely perfect.  Barbara dresses it up with coordinating scarves.   After seeing Barbara look so great in this jacket with her scarves,everyone thought they should wear scarfs more often. 

Sewing on this winter coat while on a sewing retreat with sewing teacher Jane Foster

Vicki's winter wool coat has been completed!!  Everything about this coat is perfect.   Vicki worked on all the design details, the fit, the construction, etc.  If it wasn't done perfectly, Vicki took it apart and did it over!


Lining of Vicki's winter coat

The lining is composed of silk batting quilted to the silk lining.  Around the neck edge of the lining she did some beautiful stenciling.  The inside where the back joins the collar has a small stand up lining ruffle to keep the wool from touching her skin.  When you see Vicki wearing this coat, take a close look.

And it all started in one of Jane Foster's studio sewing classes.

Betty worked on this quilt while on a Sewing Retreat

Betty was struggling with fabric choices for the border and binding of this quilt.  Everyone came over to look at the quilt and tried to offer suggestions.  But no one felt they quite had the right solution.   Then Jane came into the room and started to play with the fabric choices.  She laid them out on the edge of the quilt. In a few minutes she presented Betty with a border option  everyone agreed was exactly right.   What would we all do without Jane's innate design ability.  Some of us know when its right, but cannot get to that place on our own. 

Betty working on a sewing project

Betty worked on several projects, including the drapes for her niece.  She also had time to enjoy the group, drink coffee on the deck, walk by the ocean, and do a bit of shopping in Carmel.   And of course relax and laugh a lot.

She is wearing a jacket she made on one of the previous sewing retreats with Jane. The fabric and pattern came from Back Porch in Pacific Grove, CA

Laura at a sewing workshop

Laura has been collecting this stash of batiks for many years.  She added to the collection a group of marbled fabrics she had made years ago.  We will see several wonderful quilts from this collection over the next few years.

Laura at a sewing workshop

She chooses fabrics from her stash and fussy cuts the pieces to make butterfly quilting blocks.  Laura loved the design process.

Enid at the sewing retreat

Enid is working on a great jacket.  The fabric looks like it is pieced, but it is one length. She now has the jacket completed, and you can view it here.  

Friends on a sewing retreat

Three friends take a quick walk while on a sewing retreat with Jane Foster on California's Monterey Bay Peninsula.

On sewing vacation in Monterey Bay, California

Two women born in Wisconsin discuss the joys of being in California on a Sewing Retreat and Vacation with Jane, and would like to come again.

On Sewing Vacation

A Side Trip!

Sharon comes twice a year from Wisconsin to join Jane's sewing vacation, and usually takes some side trips.  She and Betty went to San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers.

Sewing vacation side trips

Another side trip!

Sharon, Betty, and Jane enjoyed the Quilting in the Garden show in Livermore. 

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