Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Vacation

Sewing Vacation at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA

Jane Foster's Spring 2010 Sewing Vacation and Retreat

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Sewing Vacation with Jane Foster Spring 2010

Jane's Sewing Vacation - Spring 2010 - Second Session

These sewing students enjoyed being at Asilomar with Jane for a 3 day Sewing Retreat and Vacation. With Jane's sewing instruction, they were able to create some fabulous garments. Jane's sewing retreats are fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

Ana has the hem marked

The bench outside the sewing room makes a perfect place for Jane to mark the hem of Ana's dress. 

Ana's red jacket

Ana's just had the hem of her jacket checked. It will be a great addition to her wardrobe.

This was Ana's first sewing retreat with Jane, and we all hope to see her back. 

Jackie's coat

Jackie bought this sweater coat fabric from Emmaonesock.com.  She looks fabulous.

She also worked on numerous other projects, including the tailored jacket she is holding. 

Cotton Patch

Joy and Maria are having fun at Back Porch Fabrics.  They both are buying fabric for an apron using Ana's pattern.   Ana had made a pattern from one of her mother's aprons, and she generously shared it with the group. 

Jane showed us how it could be modified to fit many different body types.  Soon everyone was taking a break from serious sewing and whipping up an apron!

Joy's apron

Joy models her new colorful apron.

Maria used Ana's pattern to make this apron. She just added a ruffle to give it more length and interest. 

Maria's apron - back.

The back is just as cute as the front.

Barbara's Marfy skirt pattern

Barbara made this skirt using a Marfy pattern.  The pleats really added interest to this skirt.

Barbara's quilt fabric

Barbara found fabric for an apron as well as fabric for a colorful quilt for her daughter.  Jane helped with the quilt design by talking about the idea of color value when selecting fabric. 

Barb sewed the quilt top, and selected the border fabric on her next Sewing Vacation with Jane. Click to see the next stage of the quilt.

Maria's couture jacket

Maria took a sewing class with Jane Foster and couture jacket construction. She is continuing to work on her couture jacket on thie Sewing Retreat and Vacation. She always enjoys her time with the sewing group.



Maria shows off the lining of her couture jacket.  She used three stencil patterns to make the lining gorgeous.  In addition to the blue stencil, there are rusty gold colored stencils as well. 


Sandra is very proud of her accomplishment.  She had Jane fit the pattern, and then cut out and made this dress, purse, and cape while on the Sewing Retreat and Vacation. 


She looks so cute in her dress.  Sandra hopes to be able to return next year to sew with Jane again, and we all hope to be able to enjoy her company. 

Carrie explores Back Porch Fabrics, a store in Pacific Grove.   The quilt in the background uses Kaffe Fasset fabrics

Carie's daughter's skirt

Carrie made this skirt for her daughter. The skirt design and fabric choice is wonderful.


Carrie's jacket

Carrie worked on many projects on this California sewing retreat.  Here is a jacket Jane helped her design.  The stripes run in different directions in various pattern sections.  Looks great. 

Sally's couture jacket

Jane is helping with the final sleeve fitting on Sally's couture jacket.

Barb's blue tee shirt

Jane is good about helping us select fabric that is right for our skin, hair, and eye color.  Barbara's new top really shows off her blue eyes. 

Sharon's jacket

Jane is hanging a sleeve on Sharon's jacket.  They are trying to get it to a point were Sharon can work on it on her own in Wisconsin, and then take the garment back to Jane for the final construction phase.


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