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Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design

Comments on Jane's East Bay Sewing Classes


Jane's Students Appreciate Her

Jane. It’s hard to put into words how special your “Reveal” was today. You are such an inspiration to so many people. You are a Master Teacher, mentor and motivator. Even when we vear off course, you get us back on track and help us find a solution. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and skills and for creating such a fun environment. You are truly one of a kind.

with much appreciation, Kathy D

Thank you so much for Today. My gosh, I feel like my skill really improved. I'm so delighted with my new dress!
You are such a masterful teacher.
Many thanks...your studio is magical.

Susie B writes: "I found Jane Foster's studio online.I felt very welcome in the sew lab and had help with my Chanel style jacket project. I can sew pretty well, but Jane emphasizes the importance of fit right from the pattern to the completed garment. She has a great ability to make sure that your garment is well fitted. In addition I have learned more about color and how it effects the way you look.

Jane has helped me a lot with pressing techniques. I now know when to steam and when to dry  press.   I recommend Jane for beginners because she is patient, and also for advanced sewers because she will take you to heights you never thought you would reach with your sewing."

Susie Brown., President

American Sewing Guild

Walnut Creek, CA Chapter

Maria and Jane

Jane, I want to thank you for your generous heart and spirit that makes your sewing class such a special place.

Your enthusiasm, creativity and kindness creates a place in time like no other.  Somehow you have transformed something that could be simply a business transaction into a place that brings women together to work, create, support and inspire each other.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maria Tracy, Pleasanton, CA


Sally's jacket

Jane,  the curved waist band you helped me make a few Mondays ago is Wonderful!!! 

You've changed waist bands forever for me.  I finally got it basted on tonight and it fits perfectly.  What a difference.  There was no struggle putting it on and it looks and feels great.  Thanks so much.

Sally Baker


Jane.  Thank you for helping me choosing the color scheme for my studio!  It really turned out nice and I got a lot of compliments on that.  You're my inspiration for this whole project!!  It's hard to believe that this year starts my 4th year coming to your sewing workshops.  I have learned tremendously over the last few years, but I'm sure there're more to learn. 

So as long as you're teaching, I'll be there! 

Jackie Lam, Walnut Creek, CA



A student from Berkeley  writes " At Stone Mountain and Daughter, I found Jane Foster-- the sewing teacher I thought I'd forever seek in vain: a virtuoso at garment design and construction who liberally shares her knowledge, her enthusiasm and her imagination.  

Zelda Bronstein, Berkeley, CA

Sharon's jacket

Jane. I am so lucky to be able to sew with you and your wonderful group of ladies. You are a fabulous teacher with a wealth of knowledge you are willing to share. I appreciate the attention you give me in fitting all my garments and the patience you show in answering my numerous questions.

Sharon Kerbs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jane, thank you so much for the gift that is you! 

It always amazes me to be in class with you, and come home with a finished product!!  Very satisfying......  Thank you always for your patience and grace in the face of my not remembering from one-project-to-the-next (tho'  always the same!).  I am always flummoxed in the face of anything to  do with numbers & spatial relations -- and that is a lot of what sewing seems to be. Absolutely nothing intuitive about it for me. 

So I am grateful for you as a teacher.
Thank you!

Deb Scott


I had a marvelous time on Wednesday chatting with the other students and having you fit my patterns!  Your studio is so beautifully appointed and hospitable - what a delightful oasis for those who love to sew.  And thank your for telling me about Mood Fabrics - I placed an order last night for ponte knit in a deep blue and off white, and two yards of Ralph Lauren linen in his signature pale pink to make the green cross-front top you fitted for me.  All of this fabric in wide widths cost about $50 including shipping, This was much less than the price of one store-bought top which would be "not what I wanted but it will do". And that is only when I can find something that fits.

 I look forward to returning. Thank you again for your time and attention last Wednesday - it was a slice of heaven for me.

Meg G.






Jane, I would like to thank you for your class, A Special Fitting. 

I appreciated how, although you treated each individual so specially, you created a group cohesiveness by having each of us share a little of our own personal lives as we worked on our projects, as we focused on our machines and pins.  We were all there with the common goal of fitting ourselves with something nice yet we actually were outfitting ourselves with fuel to face the rigors of family life.  For me personally, sewing is the absolute outlet; it is the extreme sense of power; it brings back such positive memories of the patience my mother had; sewing  gives me a way to communicate with my nieces; and finally, this skill allows me to work with my teens in a language we both understand.

I had such wonderful thoughts as I was taking your class.  I look forward to taking more of your sessions. 

E. O.  from Albany.


Jane, I am extremely impressed by a few things in your teaching method. 

You are able to work with students of any age and sewing level. Challenging and motivating them, is definitely your strength.  You, very smoothly, manage your time to give everyone the personal attention they need.  Even though you have so many students, you remember everyone’s strengths, and the specific areas in which they need improvement.  Your eyes are everywhere at the same time.  Simultaneously, you possess the ability to help one student, prevent another from making a mistake, and show a third student shortcuts and new method.  I’ve seen it. 

 You are great at helping students choose the right color and design style that will make them look like WOW!  You are superb at designing, fitting, constructing, modifying patterns, and drafting new ones. Many garments with which you assist, come out looking like a famous designer’s creation and could go on the cover of a fashion magazines. ...  Indeed, I know that I am on my way to being the best-dressed person.

Nava Shaham