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Students attend sewing classes with Jane Foster in her East Bay Area studio. Some students attend classes every week, and some come less often. Each sewing class has only 5-7 students, and they are all working on their own different projects. With the small class size, students receive individual sewing lessons on design, color, fitting, and sewing construction. Many wonderful garments are made. Please contact Jane if you would like to join her group.
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Vicki Z is wearing her latest dress made in a red ponte knit. It slips over the head and has a beautiful full skirt. The pattern is Vogue V8871.

Vicki Z made her first pair of printed knit pants. They have an elastic waist and will be comfortable and stylish. She plans to copy the pattern of this red jacket.

Kathy D bought this silk remnant at Britex, and made this fun divided skirt.

Vandana R made this linen vest using Katherine Tilton's pattern Butterick B5891. Its a fun piece to wear over tops and sweaters. The buttons were small, so she and Jane decided to put them in pairs.

Santina made this cute top. She used her own pattern.

Santina made another top using her own pattern. She and Jane played with the neckline. They cut a strip 8” wide, folded it, and created the twist as it was sewn on by offsetting the edges of the folded strip. It looks beautiful, and nicely fills in the neckline of her pattern,

JoAnn B made this top at Jane's Sewing Retreat at the Mercy Center. Sally Baker had generously provided the paints, and screens. You can see Sally's screens on her Etsy website.

JoAnn B also made this tote from fabric she painted and screened.

Katie is enjoying Granville Market in Vancouver, and is wearing the couture jacket made by her mom Barbara M. The fabric came from Britex Fabrics.

Wai made this designer dress and jacket.

She used silk by Oscar De La Renta.

Carol has another great dress she made using her favorite fabric from the German Company Lillestoff.

Joy finished the edges with binding on her new top.

Kathy made her second Marfy 4009 dress.


Susie B used Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8876 pattern for her dress made with fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. Looks great!

JoAnn made a few new gored skirts for the summer.


Babara S used her own pattern to create this wool top.

Kathy D made this lovely dress and is off to a party.

Susie's raw edge applique quilt is finished.

Janice designed this top. She left the ruffle edges raw.

Jasna made a top using one of her favorite patterns. She copied this pattern from a ready to wear top she found in a store in Carmel, CA. Everyone in Jane's studio had fun trying this garment on.

Pat made this lovely top with a Christine Jonson pattern. It had a turtle neck but we thought it would be more practical with a simple neckline. I love this look.


Michele made this dress for her god daughter for Halloween. It is based of the dress worn by Tiana, the dark skinned princess. Jane helped in this effort by making the pattern.

Barbara S again used one of her own patterns to made this cute rayon top.

Note the side flare and peplum.

Cathy found this amazing knit at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics. The pattern is Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9057.

Carol T's new dress.

Ellen has made several quilts recently. She often gives them to friends. I am sure the one above will be enjoyed.

Another quilt by Ellen.

Carol makes her knit dresses with fabric she buys online from the German company Lillestoff. The patterns she chooses are also German.

Diana made this cool summer dress using a Decades of Style pattern Given a Chance Dress.

Sally made this top using StyleArc's Terry-Tie-Cardi pattern.

Jean designed a top out of this striped knit fabric. The pattern was her own and she did a great job of matching all those various width stripes.


Maria has made another jacket with the French couture technique of quilting the lining and not using any facings. The fashion boucle was all underlined with silk organza, and then lined with silk charmeause. The charmeuse lining needed Maria’s artistic touch , and so she added fabric paint!
The beautiful boucle fabric came from Mendel Goldberg in New York. This is an outstanding jacket.

This colorful blouse is by Gertie for Butterick (B6217). The fabric is also offered by Gertie. Susie did not use the patterns front bow.

Susie made the skirt using her own pattern. The jacket was a collection of different patterns, and she and Jane styled it as they went. it is a very nice little day suit.

Carol always makes wonderful knit tops. She gets her inspiration from garments she sees online from Europe. This terry fabric came from “Lillestoff”. She buys her patterns on line , and a lot of them are written in German, but the drawings are good so it is understandable.

Barbara is enjoying wearing her new warm and comfortable shirt. The fabric came from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. She created the pattern herself.

Diana just completed this beautiful French couture coat. The fabric came from Mendel Goldberg Fabrics in New York. The silk lining came from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics and the trim from Britex Fabrics. The fastening is a concealed zipper. Diana knitted the shawl with linen yarn from Ireland. This is a lovely ensemble.

JoAnn, who is fairly new to the studio, just finished a cute quilt for a friend’s baby. So nice to machine embroider Emily’s name on it too.

StyleArc is fast becoming Sally's favorite pattern company. She just finished this Mara Shirt Dress by StyleArc.

Liddy just finished a cute, self lined, knit jacket. She adapted a Lois Ericson pattern and made it her own. The fabric, ribbing, and zipper came from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley.

Here is Vicki's first knit tunic, which is a great look with leggings.

Lisa finished another dress for summer. The fabric came from Marcy Tilton and the pattern was McCall's M6465. Lisa used a bias maker and joined strips to bind the neck and armholes instead of facing.

Lisa made another dress in a day! She used the same pattern as before but this time changed the neckline to a "V" neck. The fabric is designed by Kaffe Fasset and was purchased at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.

Let me introduce you to Liddy. Over the past few years she has taken many classes at Apparel Arts in Oakland, learning how to draft her own patterns. Using her new knowledge, she has just made this very stylish ensemble! The lightweight wool blouse has a hidden button placket, and the cotton skirt is paneled. These are her own designs. The sleeveless top is a princess line with slits at the hemline and handworked arrowheads.


Susie made a rayon print dress that will keep her cool in the summer. Patti Palmer helped her pick out the fabric! The pattern is McCall's M7352.


Sally’s has a new skirt. The fabric is stretch denim from JoAnn’s, and the pattern is Burda skirt 8680.

Vicki finished this dress and it is so well made. The pattern is Marcy Tilton's Vogue V8876, and the double gauze fabric came from Marcy Tilton as well. I think double gauze is the fabric of the season it is everywhere! The pattern had a separate band at the bottom , but we used this border print as our all in one band.
Vicki bought the buttons from Linda Sicard of www.unbuttons.com when Linda came to my Open Studio.

Lisa is one of Jane's newer students, and was determined to do the Kantha Challenge. She loves her new coat and it goes well with the shirt she previously made.

Carol makes wonderful knit tops. Her fabric is by Lillestoff (available on Etsy among other places) and her patterns come from Germany.


Vicki Z just made Katherine Tilton's Vogue V8793 designer tee shirt. She left out the zippers and created the look of piping on the collars by letting the collar linings show.

Diana just finished this lovely coat. The pattern she used we are calling "Janice's coat" and several of us are making it! Diana's fabric is a novelty boiled wool that she had in her stash.The edge is bound with a fine corduroy bias strip.

Well Lisa is new to sewing and the studio but is sewing up a storm. She made two black ponte skirts, and now this fabulous boiled wool jacket using The Sewing Workshop's "The Plaza jacket". After class she went straight home and made another in a berry color and today she cut one out in yellow wool melton. Stone Mountain carries the fabric and the pattern. What a great start Lisa.
She also makes jewelry and is a whizz at cutting curly hair.


Pat made this wonderful coat using StyleArc Mason Knit Jacket pattern.

Jane says the pattern will work with a woven also.


Lisa looks great in the third shirt she made. Her fabric came from Stone Mountain and Daughter. The pattern she used is offered by Louise Cutting and Linda Lee.

Pat looks great in her new top. She used Vogue 8856 for the pattern.

Kathleen's textured fabric came from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. The color looks great on her, and her necklace complements the trim on this StyleARC Lani WovenTunic.

Lark looks stunning in her new MotorCity Express jacket by Islander patterns, Fabric is faux leather and came from Gulf Fabrics. It is called Brisa which is described as a luxurious simulated leather engineered for breathability. The pin marks don't show when stitching, and it can be washed.

Lark lined the jacket with a printed silk.

Ellen's dress was made with Marcy Tilton Vogue 9112 pattern. She bought the cotton print fabric online . It is so attractive on her.

Susan's lovely shirt was made from fabric in her stash The buttons are vintage from an antique store. This pattern is Katherine Tilton's Butterick B6325. She loves the shirt and will make it again.

Jeanne made this vest in a double sided boiled wool with a different shade of brown on each side. The pattern was inspired by a ready to wear garment.


Maria made a Alabama Chanin style skirt. She designed the motif for the silk screening, and screened using different colored paints to get this Fall effect. Sally Baker made the silk screens (visit her on Etsy here).

Santina used a rayon Batik and McCall M6322 for this lovely sun dress. She says she wears it frequently as it is very comfortable. She will make this dress again.

Jasna made this comfortable dress using fabric from MarcyTilton and Vogue pattern V8975 by Marcy.

Barbara's top New Look 6376 compliments her Vogue 8712 pants.

Virginia just finished making this cotton summer dress.

Zelda made this lovely jacket from wool jersey that she boiled and felted herself. You need at least 3 times more yardage than the pattern suggests if you plan to felt it. The pattern used was New Look 6525.


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