Jane Foster

Sewing and Design Classes
Sewing and Clothing Design Classes with Jane Foster
East Bay Area - Walnut Creek, CA

Jane's creations always inspire her students to try new ideas.


Call Jane at 925-323-9932 to join her sewing classes.  
In person Sewing Classes:
Small Class of 5-6 Students who are fully vaccinated
Mondays 9:30-12:30
Wednesday 9:30-12:30
Friday 9:30 - 12:30
Last Saturday of month:  1:00 - 4:00
Fee: $60 per sewing class

Students join Jane for sewing workshops in her studio located in San Francisco's East Bay Area of Walnut Creek, CA. She offers sewing lessons in basic or advanced sewing for a group of about 5 - 6 students per sewing class. Each student works on their individual project under the guidence of Jane. She helps each student with all phases of garment construction, from the design phase through the fitting and sewing phases.

Jane is also offering online consultations through Messenger, Facebook, or Zoom.

She takes students through pattern and fabric choice, muslin fitting, placement of design, construction, or whatever help they need. Call or email Jane.

The design phase may consist of simply choosing the fabric, color, and style suited to each student. It could also involve an Art to Wear project, couture sewing, or other choices depending on the preference and skill level of the student.

Each student chooses the project they would like to accomplish. If you are a new student, call Jane and discuss your goals.

Jane helps students select colors that harmonize with their skin, hair and eyes.

At times there will be a special sewing class devoted to a specific topic, like beginning or advanced sewing, tailoring, Couture Jackets, Big Collared Shirt, London Cape, etc. If you missed the class, talk to Jane.

Jane also frequently has sewing challenges. It's fun to see everyone working on the same challenge, and it inspires everyone with new ideas. Previous challenges have included making a leather garment, using a Marfy pattern, etc. Check out the Challenges.

Sewing class in Jane Foster's studio
The Wednesday morning group enjoys sewing and friendships.

Sewing classes offer a supportive, secure place to let your creativity unfold. This is where you can learn to sew, improve your skills, or solve that tricky problem blocking your progress.  You can also design and make the garment or quilt you’ve only dreamed about, get help fitting a pattern or muslin, or simply set aside time to sew in the company of others.  The free flow of ideas and conversation is joyful and stimulating.

Vicki, Jane Foster, Maria

Often students sign up for the same time period each week, and in this way friendships are developed between the students as well as with Jane.  Students may also elect to come at various intervals.

 Each sewing class is three hours long, Since there are only five or six students in each lab, everyone has plenty of individual attention.  Jane’s forty years of teaching and design experience will come into play as she helps you work on your individual project.  The sewing classroom is fully equipped, so you can arrive with your patterns and fabric ready to make your ideas come to life.

A sewing workshop is anything you want it to be. After an initial consultation you and Jane can make a customized, realistic plan and put it into action. It can be a self driven course of special study. YOU the student set the project and the pace . Jane will provide her expertise and teaching and guide you through your creative journey.

Students work on individual projects.

Jane will draw out far more of your creativity than you can imagine and SO.....the sky is the limit!

These are small group sessions held in Jane's home sewing studio. Beginners are welcome. Each student is guided through the project of her choice.

Instruction will be given on construction techniques, design and fitting. You will become inspired by seeing the projects of your fellow sewing students. The ideas and enthusiasm become contagious.

The sewing studio is a beatiful place to work, with skylights, windows, doors to the outside, large mirrors, a small kitchen area, and a bathroom. And the best part is the fun you will have!!

There are two large cutting tables at the back of the room, and individual tables with sewing machines for students. Students also have the option of bringing their own machines. Equipped with sewing machines, sergers, a cover lock machine, pressing equipment, etc., you will find this a sewing friendly studio.

Jane Specializes in Fitting
If you want to make clothes that fit and suit your body shape, call Jane for classes or a private consultation.