Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Retreats

Sewing Retreat and Vacation on Monterey Bay, California

Jane Foster's Fall 2010 California Sewing Retreat and Vacation

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Sewing retreat Fall 2010 with Jane Foster in CA

A group of ladies having fun on a sewing retreat with Jane Foster on Monterey Bay, CA in the fall of 2010.

Maria sews a vest

 Maria's vest is made with boiled wool purchased at Stone Mountain and Daughter.   Jane suggested Maria add a strip of fabric all around the edges to stabilize the wool and act as a design feature. 

Button detail on vest

The button holes were designed to have a patch of fabric show on the outside of the vest.  The asymmetrical shape of the button added to the look, and Maria was thrilled another student had them in her stash.  So fun to share.

The buttonhole was made by placing the right side of a patch to the wrong side of the vest.  Then a narrow rectangle was sewn the size of the button and slit open.  The patch was pulled to the right side of the vest, and top stitched in place. 

Maria's vest

The vest is finished and ready to be packed for her Paris trip.

Maria's jacket

This jacket is stunning on Maria.  She did some felting along the neckline to give it a unique look. While this was started in a previous sewing workshop with Jane, Maria was happy to almost complete the jacket during this Sewing Vacation.

Vicki's jacket

Vicki's jacket is beautiful.  The jacket is lined with Thermore, and by quilting around some of the flowers she achieved more texture.

Close up of Vicki's jacket

The edges and collar are piped, the button loops are very interesting, and the button choice is fabulous.  She was really happy with the thin fabric tube she made for the button hole loops.  Another garment made with attention to design and details.

Thea's jacket

Thea finished her jacket, and she is very happy with the look.

TheaThea also worked on her couture jacket while on the Sewing Retreat and Vacation on Monterey Bay.

Sally's jacket

Sally is blessed with a well proportioned figure and so can cut out a pattern and it will fit perfectly! 

This classic jacket was the first jacket she made with welt pockets with flaps, under collar and upper collar tailoring, and taping the roll line.  The fabric came from JoAnn's, and will be a very useful addition to her wardrobe.

Black boucle jacket

On her Sewing Retreat with Jane in 2009 Sally found this wonderful black boucle at Findings in Carmel.  She worked on some of the final details on this sewing retreat, and now is searching for the perfect buttons.

 Sally enjoys riding her bike along Monterey Bay, and even achieved riding the entire 17 Mile Drive with its many challenging steep hills.

Vicki is ready for Jane's help on this great looking tee shirt.  The pattern is #714 V-Neck by   Christine Johnson .  The princess lines were very attractive on several students.  It has a front center seam ending in a V neckline.  The front is double faced up to the princess line seam.  Her fabric came from Emma One Sock.  

Three ladies in vests

Sharon, Maria, and Vicki all created vests in sewing workshops with Jane. 


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