Jane Foster

Sewing and Design Classes
Sewing Retreat in San Juan Bautista, CA
St Francis Retreat - Summer 2019

Sewng Room for the Retreat at St Francis

We had another wonderful sewing retreat with Jane Foster, We could sew all day and late into the night, or take local side trips to the mission, quilt shop, coffee shop, or even Monteray Bay. Besides sewing we had a fabric exchange, a button sale, and a very interesting fashion show of exquisite garments made by Joyce. We had a totally enjoyable time. Thanks Jane.

Mary's stunning Vogue V9360.

Mary's A-line dress is made with Vogue V9237 pattern.

Vicki Z look amazing in her red dress. She used McCalls 7890 pattern.

Katherine made this cotton dress while on the retreat. She used a Katherine Tilton’s blouse pattern and lengthed it to dress length.

Barbara M screened pins on her shirt, and then sewed on beads on top of the pin head.

Barbara M has a new knit dress.

Jackie L used the princess seam design by Burda 6847 for her jacket. Note the Hong Kong finish on the seams

Linda Sicard of Unbuttons.com brought a collection of buttons, and everyone was excited to find just a right ones for their garments.

Diana is busy sewing and having fun.

Her new dress just needs to be pressed and have buttons sewn on. Luckily she found the perfect ones with stripes from UnButton.

Lisa is pressing her wool coat.

She found black buttons from UnButton.com.

Lisa is holding a chart of embroidery thread colors she can use on her Babylock Solaris machine. Susie, JoAnn, and Lisa brought their Solaris machines to the retreat, and had fun discovering new things on the machines together.

JoAnn loves her Babylock Solaris embrodery and sewing machine.


Susie used a gold thread to embroider a butterfly on her jean jacket The color matched the jacket's stitching.

Laura made a lot of progress on her butterfly quilt.

Vicki and Katherine enjoy sewing together.

Christine Jonson's V-Neck Tee 714 is one of Sharon's favorite tee shirt patterns.

Lisa finshed her new top.

We Were Treated to a Fashion Show

Jane has many talented needlewomen. Below you will see some of the garments one of them has made for her retirement years. She says she is a minimalist, and likes simple but artsy designs. Her sewing is something everyone enjoyed seeing. Above she is wearing a rain coat made from the Sewing Workshop Soho pattern. She like to purchase fabric from Hawthorn Supply Co (good for knits), A Verb for Keeping Warm , Merchant and Mills (UK shop), Miss Matatabi Fabric (Etsy shop), Urban Kids (Etsy shop), and the California local store Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics.

Below are a few examples of her creations.

The shirt is made of cotton, and the Vogue pattern V1274 was designed by Lynn Mizono.

This is a beautiful knit top made with Vogue V8817 designed by Katherine Tilton.

This is an Issey Miyake design for Vogue pattern V1204.

Sandra Betzina designed the collarless duster for Vogue V1356.

The dress was made with Very Easy Vogue 9237.

Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8876 was used to made this cute dress.

This coat was made with Kantha fabric and Very Easy Vogue pattern V9156.

Photos of the Facilities and Jane's Sewing Group

The shaded patio was a perfect place to relax.

Vicki and Ellen are taking a break just outside of the sewing room.

The dining room was very pleasant and adjacent to the sewing room. They served delicious food buffet style.

Nice to take a walk and look for birds.

Sleeping Rooms