Jane Foster

Sewing and Design Classes
Big Collared Shirt Sewing Class
Sewing Class by Jane Foster

A group of women met in Jane's studio for a fun day of sewing a new style shirt. Jane had drafted the pattern, and students worked with Jane to determine sizing. They then spent the day making the garment. The seams were all serged. By the end of the day, they were ready to have their photos taken.

Vicki G used a soft printed knit for her top.

Maria bought this knit fabric at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley, CA. She added cuffs to her big top.

Joan looks great in her wool jersey top.

Jasna's top is made from a color block knit which she bought in New York.

Diana used a knit fabric.

Lark chose a rayon print.

JoAnn chose a soft bamboo knit.

Santina used a piece of wool knit.

Laura used a rayon.

Kathleen used a rayon for a good drape.

Joy used a ponte knit that she bought at Mood Designer Fabrics in New York. It was heavier but will be wonderful in cold weather.

Diana T used a great print in a light mesh that came from Mood Designer Fabrics.

Diana T. Went straight home after class and made another big collared top with a border print .......which is very successful!

Helen used a printed rayon from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. It draped beautifully and was perfect for the pattern.

Jane made a beautiful wool top and stenciled on the bottom.

Here is one of Katherine's big collared tops. She made 3 of these tops so far. This lovely blue rayon came from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics, in Berkeley.