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What's Happening in Jane Foster's Sewing Studio


Jane's Challenge

Make a 3 Dimensional Stuffed Item

Jeanne outdid herself. She made a dragon and then used A1 to create a story written by an 8 year old. She added extra props, a volcano, and a tree with dragonfruit. Oh my!!

Kathleen made a woolen mammoth. We will show you how fabulous it is when its stuffed.

Joy's spirit doll.

Vicki Z has a cute bunny.

Ellen's polar bear has a ball.

Cathy's dressed this animal really cleverly.

Katherine made a little rabbit in a basket with a bed to match her quilt.

Vicki E made a stuffed pin cushion for her finger.

Jane is displaying a combination or her brothers clay work (head, hands, and feet) and her fabric work.

Jane's dolls.

Robin made a python with African fabric.

Laura W made a group.

Jane's Hat Class
Decades of Style Hilde Hat Pattern

Jane's students all had fun making a wide brimmed sun hat that was fully lined with an adjustable fit.

She will be offering another hat class in the fall.

Here is Katherine's hat.

To see more hats made by Jane's students, visit Jane's Gallery

Jane's Little Bag Class
Feb 11 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fee is $100 plus $20 kit fee. Bring your lunch and join in the fun. Max of 8 students. Call Jane at 925-323-9932 for class availability.





The class all made cute and usable bags.

Jane's In Person Classes Now Open

Classes being held again for fully vaccinated students. See times and dates. Jane is also offering Zoom consultations.

Everyone is excited to be back sewing with Jane in her studio and chatting with their friends.

Jane Gives a Video Tour of Her Studio and Recent Work


Sewing teacher Jane Foster shares her studio and creativity during Covid.

Jane is Interviewed by Anne La Follette

Jane is interviewed by Anne La Follette and they discuss how she has reinvented herself during the year of the pandemic.

Jane is Featured in Valley Stritchers
Jan 2021 Newsletter
The Fabric and Color of my life.

    I can close my eyes and think back to sitting in a classroom in Devon England. I can feel fabric and needle with embroidery thread in my hand. I can remember the joy. It was as if I had won a prize or as if I had been rewarded. I can see the color and I can see the pencil line on the turquoise fabric where my needle was going in and out. I was six years old. I can vividly remember the way the process made me feel. 

    It was clear to me at 12 years old that teaching and fabric had to be the direction my life would take, after all my brother and sister had paved the way ........

See Jane's full featured story.

New .... Online Art Class using Inktense Pencils on Fabric
Here is a sampling of some of the students projects from last class.

No artistic skills necessary. Draw and color along with Jane, and learn how to use Inktense pencils on fabric. Jane will send you a design for you to trace.

Supply list on registration $75.

Email Jane to be notified about future classes

Thanks. Jane

Jane Foster was Interviewed about Interfacing on Sew Like a Pro.

Jane Invites Artist Lisa Thorpe to Give a Gelli Printing Class
Class shows their gelli printing projects

Lisa Thorpe shows students the gelli printing technique.



Jane's Talented Needlewomen

Jane Periodically Features the Work of one of her Students

Carrie is the latest featured student.

Jane's Next Challenge for You!!
Jane challenges you to create something using STRIPES in an interesting way.

The “something” can be a garment for yourself or someone else. It could be a bag or something for your home. It needs to be in fabric!  You have until early in 2020. I hope you can all create something for this challenge. Happy Sewing 


PS I will be available for design and pattern advice

Big Collared Shirt Class

Jane's held a workshop on a Big Collared Shirt Sewing Class

Jane had drafted the pattern, and everyone loved being able to quickly make a shirt that fit and looked good on everyone.

Featured in Vogue Pattern Magazine
Jane Foster's Sewing Classes and Marfy Pattern Challenge
EXTRA...EXTRA.....EXTRA.....red hot news.

Be sure to see the Vogue Pattern Magazine, the February/ March issue. This issue features Jane's "California Pattern Class (Marfy Patterns) " in a six page article starting on Page 56 ! Jane describes how she challenged her students to use a pattern by the Italian pattern company MARFY. These patterns come with no instructions, no seam allowances, and no pattern layouts. So they are quite a challenge. So get a copy of the magazine, and enjoy!

You can also see garments made by Jane's students using Marfy patterns here: