Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Retreat

Sewing Retreat on Monterey Bay Peninsula, Fall 2009

Sewing Vacation on Monterey Bay, Fall 2009

Sewing retreat with Jane Foster to Monterey Bay

Nine students and Jane spent 5 fantastic days on a sewing workshop retreat on Monterey Bay at the Asilomar Conference Grounds. It was a joy to be with all the wonderful women in the sewing class. After breakfast and lunch we usually hurried on to the next fun thing of the day, but after dinner we normally just sat for a bit and visited with each other.  Later a few women would take a quiet walk by the ocean before starting the evening sewing project.  Jane has gathered around her a great group of women. Join Jane's next Sewing Retreat and Vacation and be prepared to have a great vacation.   

Ellen's silk bloue made on the sewing retreat

Ellen found this fabulous silk fabric on a trip to England.  She looks stunning in this blouse. 

Katherine and Ellen enjoying the sewing retreat in CA

Two friends on a sewing vacation model their new shear tops.

Couture jacket made on sewing retreat with Jane Foster

Maria is laying out the pattern pieces for her first couture jacket. She had made the muslin pattern during the spring 2009 Sewing Retreat.

Sally on sewing retreat in CA with Jane Foster

Note the saying "You Sew Girl" which is embroidered on the back of this tee shirt using Jane's new fantastic Bernina.  There are also "pins" stenciled on the shirt in white using a MarcyTilton stencil. 

The inspiration for this tee shirt came from a sign Sally saw at Back Porch when she went there for a field trip.  The sign  read "You Sew Girl".  The next day this tee shirt was done!


Sally made a jean jacket while on a sewing retreat

Sally made this wonderful jean jacket as well as the skirt.

Back of Sally's jacket

She used one of Marcy Tilton's stencils for the back.

Fitting a muslin while on a sewing retreat

Cheryl is having Jane fit a muslin pattern for a jacket. 

Thea doing advanced sewing

Thea is cutting out a pair of slacks using a Lois Hinze pattern.  After Jane fitted the slacks for her, they looked fabulous.  Now she has a pattern she can use again and again. 

Vickie working on coat while on a CA sewing retreat

Vicki is wearing the first couture jacket she made.  Her dress form is wearing the teal coat she has been working on. 

Coat sleeve

Vicki used the pressing ham and press cloths to help her get a perfect shape to the bottom of the coat sleeve.  She steamed the sleeve, and then let it dry on the ham and pressing cloths.  There was no comparison between the looks of this sleeve and the other sleeve that was not treated this way.  Vicki takes great care with the sewing details, and it shows! 

Laura makes a challah cover while on a sewing retreat in CA with Jane Foster

Laura is making a cover for challah bread.  The piecing is done perfectly.  It is just amazing.   In the lower left hand corner you can see a paper pieced square she is trying out for use in the corner positions. 

Group of purses made for Jane's purse challenge

Jane gave everyone a pattern for a purse, and challenged students to make a purse while on this sewing retreat. These purses were made by Thea, Vicki, and Betty (from left to right) from scraps of wool and silks.  Vicki's purse had an interesting row of teal rectangles attached by means of three top stitching rows.

Betty's purse for the purse challenge

Betty found this giraffe fabric at Cotton Patch in Lafayette.  She just happened to have a tee shirt that coordinates with her new bag.

Sewing retreat participants

Everyone is having trouble staying focused on the sewing lesson Jane is giving, as there is always something to laugh about.


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