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Vicki G

Vicki G wearing StyleARC Toni Dress

I am happy to share Vicki with you. Vicki is a trooper! With all the health and life challenges Vicki copes with, she is still always an amazing "glass half full" gal. She has so much knowledge about sewing blogs and sewing online chats, and can regularly share with us some new link for information. Vicki is a regular Friday morning sew lab person and has made some wonderful garments, including a "swap" collection. She is always ready to try something new, and I love working out sewing challenges with her.

Vicki finished her shirt at Jane's 2022 Sewing Retreat. She used fabric designed by Jane and sold by Spoonflower.

Vicki is starting to make a French couture garment.

Vicki chose a border print for her Vivienne Designer Frock by StyleARC.

Vicki looks so good in this boiled wool jacket. It has beautiful double top stitching on all the edges to give support. It is unlined except for the sleeves. Vicki made a muslin first so she has her altered pattern ready to go on her next jacket.

Vicki G used one of her custom patterns for this reversable jacket.

Vicki G spent a lot of time pattern matching the fabric at the seams.

The basis for Vicki's linen dress was Vogue V8509. Jane helped design the cowl collar.

For this dress Vicki used Sandra Betzina's Vogue V1234.

Vicki made the blouse, skirt, and Issey Miyake coat (Vogue pattern 1257) as part of a Swap Challenge.

Jane's Big Collar Shirt pattern

Vicki looks great in her denim shirt with perfect top stitching. She used Marfy pattern 9865 which she has had for some time. The buttons were purchased on her Paris trip.

Decades of Style

Jane's Big Collar Shirt pattern

Vicki selected Marfy pattern 2781 for her blue cotton blend dress.

Jane is fitting a tee shirt on Vicki. She used Christine Jonson's pattern 714 V-Neck T. It has a center panel.

Sandra Betzina Vogue V1234

Jane's 2007 Sewing Retreat

Vicki is always productive at Jane's Sewing Retreats.