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Jeanne O

Jeanne O

I'd like to introduce you to Jeanne who is tall and slim and looks good in all she wears, and is the envy of many of us! She came to my sew labs originally for help with marrying her fabric to patterns, and she is now way pass that goal. Jeanne takes an active roll in weekly sew labs, challenges, and sewing retreats.

Jeanne is wearing StyleARC Maris Top

Marfy 2602 pattern

StyleARC Genevieve Jacket/Coat.

Adapted from Marcy Tilton pattern Vogue V8582

StyleARC Estelle ponte jacket


Marcy Tilton Vogue V8582

Donna Karan jacket using linen and Vogue V1440.

Decades of Style pattern #4014 1940s Belle Curve Dress

StyleArc Violet Knit Jacket pattern

She embellishied it by embroidering the circles in Jane's studio. She used boiled wool and chanel stitched three rows to give it stability. Outstanding.