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Ellen S

Ellen S

Decades of Style Parisian coat pattern

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ellen S. for many years. We met when I was teaching adult education for the local school district. She then started a weekly trip to my studio. Ellen has an amazing sense of her own style. She LOVES clothes and jewelry and I always look forward to seeing what she has creatively put together! She is an accomplished Needlewoman and friend and I am happy to share some of her work with you

Marcy Tilton's Vogue V9112 pattern

Ellen made this quilt for a friend.

Here is the back of Ellen's quilt.

Pamella Roland's Vogue V1340.

Couture Jacket

StyleARC Crystal Overshirt

Marcy Tilton Vogue V8676 jacket pattern

Marfy 2245 skirt pattern

Marfy 2245 skirt pattern

Group at Sewing Retreat