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Big Collared Shirt Class

Big Collared Shirt Classes

Vicki G used a soft printed knit for her top.

Maria bought this knit fabric at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley, CA . She added cuffs to her big top.


Joan looks great in her wool jersey top.

Jasna's top is made from a color block knit which she bought in New York.

Diana used a knit fabric.

Lark chose a rayon print.

JoAnn chose a soft bamboo knit.

Santina used a piece of wool knit.

Laura used a rayon.

Kathleen used a rayon for a good drape.

Joy used a ponte knit that she bought at Mood Designer Fabrics in New York. It was heavier but will be wonderful in cold weather.

Diana T used a great print in a light mesh that came from Mood Designer Fabrics.

Diana T. Went straight home after class and made another big collared top with a border print .......which is very successful!

Helen used a printed rayon from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. It draped beautifully and was perfect for the pattern.

Jane made a beautiful wool top and stenciled on the bottom.

Here is one of Katherine's big collared tops. She made 3 of these tops so far. This lovely blue rayon came from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics, in Berkeley.