Jane Foster Sewing and Clothing Design Retreat

Sewing Vacation at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA

Jane Foster's Spring 2010 Sewing Vacation and Retreat

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Sewing vacation with Jane Foster

Dinner in the Asilomar Conference Grounds Dining Hall

Sewing retreat classes are held at the California seaside town of Pacific Grove. Students work on individual sewing projects that range from sewing purses and simple clothing to sewing couture or tailored jackets and coats. Each student decides on their project, and Jane guides them in style, design, fitting, and construction. Everyone has a fabulous time together, and with 9 or less students, they all have a lot of individual time with the sewing instructor. A great way to get away, sew, and develop friendships with fabulous women. This sewing retreat was available for 3,4,or 7 wonderful nights.


Having a good time

Barbara and Vicki enjoy the moment, and Vicki is almost finished with her new blue tee shirt.

Great top

Barbara models her new top, and is trying to decide on the length.

Vickie and Jane Foster

During this sewing retreat, Jane is teaching Vicki some fitting and sewing skills.


Barbara has made several tee shirts using twin needles to decorate the front or sleeves.  She out did herself with this one by having several rows cross over each other. She has spent several years taking sewing classes and attending sewing retreats with Jane Foster. 

Betty Parker

Betty is working on a quilt with a chicken motif. She has been taking sewing lessons from Jane for over 15 years, and has attended many sewing workshops and sewing retreats with Jane.

Batty Parker's purse

Betty made a purse using upholstery fabric from Piedmont Fabrics and she also found the perfect silk piece for the binding from Jane's purse stash..

Betty and Kathleen

Kathleen and Betty take a sewing break and go for a walk on the beach.   The beach is just a few minutes away from the sewing room.

Kathleen and Barbara

Kathleen taught Barbara how to knit, and discovered that we all knit in different styles. Some hold the yarn in the right hand and others hold it in the left hand.


Kathleen is making a blouse with numerous pin tucks using the new Sandra Betzina Vogue pattern. She is happy she is taking this sewing vacation with Jane.


She did an amazing job sewing all these tucks, and making them look straight and perfect.    Ask Kathleen or Jane how its done!!

The ocean

Barbara generously shared her guest passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  A thrilling experience to view the spectacular jellyfish tank and the new sea horse exhibits, as well as a short trip to see Monterey.   And look at the ocean view Sandra and Sharon are enjoying on their sewing vacation in California.

Sandra's purse

Sandra traveled from New Jersey to join Jane's California sewing retreat.  She started by making this purse.  The light green insert in the middle is texturized using a product that adheres to the fabric and shrinks as steam is applied. 

Sandra sews her dress.

Sandra had Jane fit a dress pattern for her, and she hopes to complete the dress and its coordinating cape and purse before she leaves the retreat.   She is so happy that she now has a pattern that fits!    She finds it difficult to sew alone since fitting is impossible. 

Sharon sews on a jacket

Sharon traveled from Wisconsin to join Jane's sewing vacation.  She is seeking Jane's help in selecting dupioni fabric for a chenille style jacket. Jane has a wonderful ability to select colors that compliment each other, as well as the color combination that will compliment the students skin tones, eye color, and hair color.  

Sharon trims the seams

Sharon is working on a jacket that really compliments her coloring.

Jacket sewn by Sharon

Her jacket will be done after the addition of the buttons!!  Jane had shown her how to channel stitch the under collar to provide support, and Sharon feels this gives the jacket a very professional look. 


Liz was challenged with the fit of this top, but with the help of Jane, they "made it work".


Liz will be cozy on the cold winter nights in Berkeley with this polar tec robe. 


An afternoon shopping spree in Carmel always results in many new treats.  Barbara found the perfect silk scarf to go with her new fabric. 


Sharon and Barb

Sharon shows Barbara the trims she found at Findings. 

Liz and Vickie

Liz couldn't resist this amazing sage green crinkled silk fabric at Findings.  She plans to make an evening top with the fabric.

Barb and Sharon

Barbara and Sharon look through the Marfy catalog and discuss new patterns they might like to try.


Jane Foster on the Sewing Vacation

Our fabulous sewing instructor Jane Foster loves spending time teaching sewing, tailoring, and clothing design while on this Sewing Vacation in Monterey Bay, CA.

Liz with new Bernina on sewing retreat

Liz enjoys sewing with her new Bernina Sewing Machine.



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